A passenger jet jet just landed at our headquarters

<h2>A <span style="color: rgb(196, 22, 28);"><strong>passenger jet</strong></span> jet just landed at our headquarters</h2>

There is no doubt the night between August 5 and 6 will be remembered in the history of our young country. Besides developing advanced surface treatment solutions and machinery for the last 55 years, we took care of a seriously unforgettable event that happened on our roads last night.

Yesterday, one of the most unusual and challenging extraordinary transports in the history of independent Slovenia took place; a real, full-size passenger jet was hauled from the Capital's airport to our headquarters in Dolenjske Toplice with special trucks, cranes and a police escort.

The idea has been running around for a while in our company, which has invested heavily in the research and development of advanced surface treatment technologies for the aerospace industry that ensure greater safety for air travelers. Recently, a unique opportunity presented to acquire a passenger jet and dreams started to become reality.

The aircraft is a 17 years old Bombardier CRJ 200ER that has previously been operated in the United States, Mexico and finally Sudan, before reaching it's storage destination at Jože Pučnik International Airport in Ljubljana, Slovenia, from where it started the final voyage to it's final home in Dolenjske Toplice, this time by land.

The jet will be crucial for the further development of the company and will serve for the research and development of new innovations and technologies in the aviation industry.

The transport was a total success and we are currently working on reattaching the wings to the body. This will be followed by extensive renovation works, which in complexity will be no less demanding.

For further information, please contact our Marketing manager, Mr. Sebastian Pelan.