Research & Development

We encounter development at every step of our lives. It is found in work, technology, and products. Relationships are evolving and so are we. Today, there is practically no company that does not know and respects this word.

FerroECOBlast® Europe, located in the heart of Europe, has been integrating innovation, research, and development into its process from the very beginning. For almost 60 years it represented our way of thinking, our daily business, and our approach to customers, to whom we have been providing the most advanced solutions and modern equipment necessary to achieve their goals at affordable prices. From the first to the last member of our team, we think and act the same: higher, better, perfect!

"Imagination is more important than knowledge."
- Albert Einstein

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RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT - strong words with great meaning! They are the backbone of our company that constantly encourages our technological superiority.

FerroECOBlast's innovation team develops and creates a technological revolution on the most demanding projects for our customers around the world. With an exceptional collection of knowledge, constant curiosity, responsibility for work, and a fourth-generation tradition of family values we provide an added value and visibility to each project.

Our research and development department thoroughly examines each customer’s idea or request, performs the necessary tests, and proposes a solution according to their technical, economical, and design requirements. We are always ready for any challenge, even when our competition runs out of knowledge, ideas or courage.

A team of twenty engineers and ten developers makes sure we can rank at the top of the world in all these areas! FerroECOBlast® Europe has long been collaborating with the most reputable research institutes in Europe and together with European partners, local laboratories, institutes, and universities we implement demanding EU development projects such as EUREKA, HORIZON2020, etc., which gives us complete sovereignty and credibility in our surface treatment technologies.

We also have our own test center, where the R&D department has 6 manual, automatic and robotic surface treatment machines used to perform various surface treatment tests on samples we receive from our existing or potential customers. Due to in-house development and testing, our customers can rest assured that the solution we offer and ultimately produce will meet all their expectations. In this way, we further enrich our knowledge and experience.

The automation and robotics department makes sure that our surface treatment machines work flawlessly. By developing our own software and designing HMI displays, we create machines that are easy to operate and use. At the same time in the background, the same software takes care of the synchronized operation of all machine components and enables connection and communication with other machines included in the complete product line. And of course, we follow the modern philosophy of industry 4.0.