Aerospace Surface Treatment

Technology used in Aerospace Industry must be extremely accurate, why it is subjected to the procedure of use and verified processes. Therefore, are necessary extremely accurate and reliable machines for the achievement of prescribed requirements. Everything is subordinated to the security, quality of applied materials and to the full implementation of the technological process. The most important requirements in Aerospace are safety and the verification of procedures and equipment. 

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Technologies of Shot Peening, Paint Stripping and Surface preparation before and after metal/ceramic coatings are in aeronautical industry fully applicable.

FerroECOBlast Europe with many references through the world in aerospace sector is a reliable supplier. Our mission is to give the best solution to our customers and solve their problem. 

Where is our equipment suitable?

Shot Peening

  • landing gears, wheels and breaks
  • turbine blades and engine parts
  • structural parts: airplane body and wheels

Paint Stripping

  • Ecological (chemical-free) Paint Stripping
  • UHP water stripping
  • Soda Blasting

Dry Ice/Dry Snow Cleaning

  • Cleaning of cabine interior, without water and chemicals
  • Clenaing of electric and engine components without disassembling 

What do we offer you?

FerroECOBlast Europe designs, develops and builds equipment for Shot Peening, that is fully built after highest standards and requirements. Our products have a clean design and made for the best user experience.

  • Finishing the surface with Shot Peening equipment creates a perfect surface 

  • Many experiences in this field of expertise

  • Custom made solutions, among our many products

  • Superior robotic Peening

FerroECOBlast Europe plays an active and indispensable role in Aerospace industry, where no mistakes are tolerated.

Listed below are just a few of our best and latest machines in the field of Shot Peening. We adjust the machine to the desired wishes of the client, so they can perfectly serve its assigned purpose.

Aircraft landing gearAircraft landing gear

Aircraft structural partsAircraft structural parts

Usually, the aeroplane components are very valuable and important to keep its characteristics, especially because of their high risk of metal fatigue. As we all know, every little segment is crucial for the final product to work perfectly. Shot Peening is the solution in this area of expertise, why it gives us perfect and desirable results.

Added value for our clients during the implementation of FAT protocols:

  • In-house testing facility with modern and calibrated measuring equipment
  • FAA Shot Peening certified personnel
  • performance of Almen intensity measurements and process saturation point
  • machine performance control & calibration
  • coverage assessment
  • surface roughness measurement
  • surface structure microscopy
  • academic cooperation with several scientific institutes
  • single and double Peening available

Jet engine turbine blades Jet engine turbine blades

We wanted to say thank you for the great efforts & technicial support you gave us about the product. We can say that we are greatly satisfied with the product that we bought from your company. We are very satisfied with FerroČrtalič`s approach, professionalism and ability to solve surface treatment problems in such a demanding industry as shot peening. Our cooperation with FerroČrtalič is very successful and the results are showing efficient technological solution. We wanted to let you know that we greatly appreciate the effort of FerroČrtalič`s especially your technical service. Your great customer service is highly appreciated.

Evrim AFŞAR,
Mechanical Engineer, Turkish Engine Center
Pratt & Whitney THY Technic Engine Maintenance Center