In 2020, we launched Addiblast® by FerroEcoBlast® – a smart solution series of machines, which represents the most advanced technology for post-processing surface treatment of 3D-printed parts in the additive industry, combining 3 key post-processes within the same product line: de-powdering, powder recovery & conditioning and surface treatment of 3D-printed parts.

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Addiblast® by FerroECOBlast® - Post processing, redefined.

Additively manufactured parts require several treatments, such as de-powdering, removal of support structures, surface treatment and hardening. The new machines BAM, MARS, STAR are specifically designed for post-processing in the additive industry, better known as 3D printing. The family of ­­new machines follows industry 4.0 guidelines and includes state-of-the-art automated solutions of key processes for more efficient de-powdering of pieces, recycling of excess powder and surface treatment of 3D printed products, regardless of the material used. The goal is to achieve the immediate usefulness of 3D printed pieces in practice.

A unique solution on the market is a closed-loop inert powder recycling system for potentially explosive materials such as titanium, aluminum and their alloys. The Addiblast® solution prevents any contamination with the atmosphere and is thus ideal for the most demanding industries, such as aerospace or medicine, e.g. implant production, where these products are most prevalent.

Addiblast® solutions in this area offer the highest level of automation, and connectivity. A user-friendly, ecologically and ergonomically designed line with an aesthetic design that is based on the increasingly important connectivity of the IoT systems, which users can access not only through computers but also via smartphones or tablets, creates time and material savings.

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