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DentalBlast by FerroEcoBlast® is a line of fully automated machines for the surface treatment of dental implants that represents the most advanced line of automated solutions from FerroECOBlast, an indispensable partner in the field of surface treatment with more than 57 years of tradition and constant development. With its fully automated surface treatment, the DentalBlast line ensures an evenly treated dental implant and thus the perfect substrate for optimal bone growth, ensuring a better quality of life for the end-user.

Increase osteointegration with reliable and precise automated surface preparation. 

Creating smiles

The dental implant industry is constantly advancing, improving techniques and materials. One critical element, when it comes to optimal osteointegration - the process that enables bone to grow tightly connected to the implant - is the implant's surface roughness. The DentalBlast line stems from decades of experience and research and offers a world-class experience when it comes to surface treatment. With automatic processes that enable unprecedented ease of use, precision and repeatability, DentalBlast by FerroECOBlast® will always have your surface treatment needs covered,.

Solutions for the dental industry:

DentalBlast 900 by FerroECOBlast® is a stand-alone unit featuring small layout requirements, the possibility to utilize pressure or injection blasting and a built-in recycling system.

It can also be connected to a separate modular recycling unit like DentalBlast BGR. The machine is designed for high production capacities with repeatable results and guarantees total traceability of the working process thanks to its data logging functions. 

Its modern design is suitable for the most advanced workshops.


DentalBlast 420 by FerroECOBlast® is a small footprint, stand-alone unit featuring a built-in recycling system. The recycling process is done with a cyclone unit for fine materials, ensuring removal of dust and providing good, usable media to the system.

The machine utilizes precise blasting nozzles, making it also suitable for expensive media like titanium powder. 

It can automatically process 420 implants in less than 4 hours, all while ensuring complete repeatability and the highest possible quality.



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