Surface Treatment in the Foundry Industry

FerroECOBlast is a leading company in the surface finishing industry, specializing in custom-made solutions and production machinery. We are renowned for our expertise in abrasive blasting, foundry automation, and foundry industry solutions. Our wide range of foundry machinery ensures optimal surface preparation and treatment for components in the foundry industry. 

Surface Treatment of molds

Modern robotic and automated, ecological, and human-friendly sandblasting machines are designed and produced by FerroECOBlast Europe company for the most demanding customers around the world and to stay ahead of the competition.

Are you facing challenges with abrasive blasting, foundry surface preparation, or foundry surface treatment? Do you have complex and diverse casting molds that demand 100% cleanliness? Our comprehensive range of machines and services can address these issues and more.

Foundry Industry Solutions for Perfect Surface Preparation

Our solutions for the foundry industry include precise and controlled abrasive blasting and deburring, ensuring a uniform and fine surface finish. We also specialize in the automation of blasting and cleaning processes, streamlining operations, and enhancing efficiency. Additionally, we offer advanced solutions for cleaning molds using the Dry Ice blasting process. With our equipment, you can achieve optimal cleaning results and evaluate the effectiveness of the blasting and cleaning processes.

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Manual, Automatic & Robotic Air Blasting

  • Sandblasting and deburring of aluminum alloy castings
  • Internal Blasting of titanium castings
  • Surface hardening for various components
  • Cleaning of tools used in the Foundry industry
  • Drum Blasting

Laser Cleaning, Marking

  • Cleaning hard-to-reach areas of alloy castings
  • Marking on variety of alloy materials

Dry Ice & Dry Snow Cleaning

  • Cleaning of molds, casting equipment
  • Removing coatings and residue

UHP Water Jetting

  • Deburring light alloy casting
  • De-coring light alloy castings
  • Removing ceramic cores from complicated parts

Robotized solution for foundry industry


What Sets Us Apart?

In our company, we are continuously dealing with the problem of deburring sensitive parts. As you all know very well these imperfections are the results of the technological process. Today we have the technical requirements for near-perfect products since such imperfections can cause undesirable effects. Short-term and long-term effects. Just imagine these inappropriate not so perfect parts to be installed in the safety systems of the vehicles you use every day to drive your children to school.

Our mission here is to remove these imperfections on this sensitive but precise casting (for example made of ZAMAC alloy) and in the end not to damage them. 

Inside blasting of complex channels

Choosing the Right Abrasive Media

Internal blasting

Selecting the right abrasive media in the process of surface treatment can reduce your abrasive consumption and achieve a longer lifetime of the blasting equipment. That is why we test and see for ourselves which media to use on a specific component. We pay attention, among everything else, also to shape, size, hardness - the most important features of abrasive media, as they all contribute to a perfect end result.

We at FerroECOBlast EUROPE came a long way in perfecting our machines for surface treatment of components in Foundry Industry. Today, we can show you our best and latest products, which speak for themselves.

If you have any questions regarding your problem and how it can be solved - please don't hesitate to contact us. We are happy to help.

Discover Our Custom-Made Solutions for the Foundry Industry

Automatic Internal Blasting Machine for engine heads

FerroECOBlast professional shot blasting machine assortment consists of only the most efficient, highest-quality ecologically oriented products that are continuously on-field tested in various configurations all over the world. We provice the specific solution on the base of excellent internal blasting knowledge and 60 years of experience in Surface Finishing of complex castings