Mobile Blast

Our basic production program based on injector versions of sandblasting guns for various purposes, and on the family of Pressure blast systems, started from 10 liters to 600 liters of pressure pot volume, with one, two and more outputs for blast guns.


Air-Blasting equipment start’s from the Basic Blast machines, Injector (Syphon) type or Pressure type. With the right choice of components, hoses, nozzles and right abrasive media become most powerful blasting machine in every Blasting installation.

Injector and Pressure Blast machines are light and easy mobile and ready to use for various applications on the open space or in the blasting rooms.

All our Blast machines can use different blasting media, which we deliver with the machine and also aftersales. 

With every type of machine, we also deliver appropriate personal protection equipment and breathing filter units under OSHA regulations.

A special line of our movable Blast machines is DUSTLESS BLASTERS, which are most environmentally friendly, easy for use and powerful.

From this machine family, we also offer PNEUMATIC DRIVEN ABRASIVE MEDIA MOVER for easy transport of all kind of bulk materials on long distances

A special type of Pressure blasters are manual and automatic SODA BLASTERS, which we produce in several sizes, from smaller portable machine type “VERSABLASTER 15”, to biggest type SODABLASTER 200 M (manual) or A (automatic)

Mobile Air Blasting machines can be used with different blast media:

  • organic and mineral
  • corundum
  • steel shots
  • glass beads
  • copper slag
  • special plastic abrasives
  • other abrasive media
  • Steel Grit and Steel Shot, Low and High Carbon
  • Stainless steel shot and grit
  • Ceramic abrasives: Zirblast and Zirshot in all possible sizes
  • Garnet (Australia)
  • Peening media under AMS standards

They are especially suitable for fieldwork and for blasting in confined Blast rooms. With the added pressure regulator it is possible to blast at low pressures, which is necessary for cleaning faced, graffiti, with a dry or wet process. Mobile Air Blasting machines are delivered fully assembled with remote control and completely Personal protective equipment and they are ready for immediate work. We have three different mobile machines for Air Blasting.

Different types of Mobile blast machines:

  • Pressure Blasters
  • Dustless Blasters
  • Soda Blasters 

Pressure Blasters

We built Mobile Pressure blast machines with Pressure pots in sizes from 33 to 200 liters in standard versions, equipped with:

  • Pressure pot on the wheels with sieve and lid
  • Central automatic closing system, pneumatic type
  • Long-life Heavy dozing valve for abrasive
  • Main Piping with Pressure regulator and Safety valve
  • Hose package Long-life Blast hose from natural kavchuk, quick safety couplings in lengths from 7,0 to 20,0 meter, or exceptional 40 m long
  • Blast gun with Dead-man trigger
  • Tungsten or Boron carbide nozzle, cylindrical or Venturi type
  • Personal safety protection set (skaphander, leather overall, long gloves and breathing filter device)

Dustless Blaster

Injector blast machines are designed for manual blasting of smaller corroded surfaces, cleaning before applying protective layers, tarnishing of metal and other surfaces and for restoration work on wood, stone, metal and glass. They are used mainly by hobbyist and in small crafts. They can be used with many different abrasives except steel beads.

Soda Blasters

A special type of Pressure blasters are manual and automatic SODA BLASTERS, which we produce in several sizes, from smaller portable machine type “VERSABLASTER 15”, to biggest type SODABLASTER 200 M(manual) or A (automatic).


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