Laser Cleaning, Texturing & Marking

Automated Laser Solutions

Laser surface treatment ensures a uniform surface over the entire treatment area and perfect repeatability, something which cannot be claimed for other texturing and cleaning technologies.

With fiber laser cleaning, texturing, and marking, our focus lies mainly on integrated laser machine solutions. Different types of surface treatment can be provided with the same equipment, even in a single process cycle. With extensive experience in the manufacture of machines with different levels of automation or robotization, we are inspired with confidence to deliver the best possible solutions to our partners.


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In addition to the security aspect, automation and robotization of laser applications have other advantages:

  • Possibility of programming the laser mode operation process
  • Extreme accuracy and repeatability of the process
  • Low need for manual work
  • Continuous suction and filtration of gases and toxic fumes
  • Traceability
  • Time optimization of a process cycle

At FerroČrtalič, we follow our vision when launching new technology to the market. That's exactly why, we decided to offer only efficient and safe Laser Surface Treatment machines, classified as Class 1 laser safety, according to LASER SAFETY CLASSIFICATION.

Laser Automatization Solution

In comparison with the traditional technologies, the advantage of automation and robotization when it comes to laser texturing, cleaning, or marking of metal surfaces are:

  • Safe working environment
  • Cleaner, faster, and less energy and time-consuming working processes
  • Maximum reproducibility and accuracy of the work result
  • Multiple tasks in one process
  • Low maintenance costs – no abrasive media, process with no physical contact
  • Smaller equipment footprint


Laser Service at FerroECOBlast

In the laser laboratory of our hi-tech center, where the 300W 3D Fiber laser is in use, we offer low-volume services on small series products and testings of all laser applicability to all interested customers. If you have a challenge with selective cleaning, marking, or pre-preparation of metal surfaces before welding, adhesive bonding, coating application, etc.

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Laser Cleaning Solution

In industries where partial coating removal is encountered, laser precision saves a huge amount of time over unattractive and time-consuming manual masking, which, moreover, can never be done with 'laser' precision.

Using a pulsed laser, laser cleaning can replace traditional methods of removing rust, oxide, paint, and other contaminants from metal surfaces. Emerging applications include weld cleaning, mold cleaning, tool cleaning, and surface preparation. While abrasive blasting media and other cleaning tools may damage the surface, a laser beam removes contaminants with unmatched consistency without introducing impurities in the base material or damaging it.

Laser cleaning is the newest, fastest, most efficient and environmentally conscious method of removing rust, oxides, paint, cleaning welds and other impurities from the surfaces of (mainly) metal and other compatible materials. Using laser technology, we can also roughen the surfaces before applying paints, adhesives, and other coatings.

Cleaning example: rust, oxide removal, or selective paint striping - before adhesive bonding, laser texturing can be used to obtain robust and predictable bonds without causing surface defects.


Laser Texturing Solution

Laser surface texturing can be used to improve properties like adherence, wettability, electrical and thermal conductivity, and friction.

 Same as abrasive blasting or chemical etching, laser surface texturing can be used to improve properties like adherence, wettability, electrical and thermal conductivity, and friction. For example, you can increase surface adherence before applying common coatings like adhesives, paint, etc. Laser texturing can also be used to prepare surfaces for thermal spray coating and laser cladding as well as to improve the performance of mechanical seals.

Texturing example: increase surface adherence before applying common coatings like adhesives, paint, or ceramic. Different labels and tags aren’t permanent – they can fall off or be erased during the surface treatments.


Laser Marking Solution

Laser marking has become the technology of choice for manufacturers looking for high-quality marking, offering a multitude of advantages compared to older marking methods like dot peen marking, inkjet printing, and printed labels.

Laser marking is the process of permanently (Post-treatment resistance if needed) marking a surface using a focused beam of light. It is often used to identify parts and products with 2D barcodes (data matrix codes or QR codes), alphanumerical serial numbers, VIN numbers, and logos.

Marking example: part & product traceability - etching and engraving QR codes, barcodes, serial numbers, etc.


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