Water Jetting

UHP water blasting safely removes tough, hazardous and contaminated materials from any surface.

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The removal of surface contamination from a work-piece has never been easier, safer and more environmentally friendly!

FerroECOBlast Europe works well under pressure
with UHP Water Jetting.

What is UHP Water Jetting?

UHP Water jetting (Ultra High Pressure) – a lot of concentrated high-pressure water that will help you remove material, coating or contamination from any work-piece surface in the safest and most efficient way possible.

It is fast, efficient and the most ecological process. It uses no chemicals, no abrasives, only water at ultra-high pressures.

UHP Advantages

UHP Advantages

  • no chemicals, no abrasives, just water at ultra-high pressure
  • harmful dust particles are eliminated, making it perfect for decontamination processes

Where do we apply it?

UHP Water Blasting uses much higher water pressure – from 1,700 bar to 3,000 bar or higher, which requires a special high-pressure water pump and hydraulic and control systems. The UHP water stream can also successfully deburr edges and holes post casting or machining processes on all kinds of non-steel metals.

Today, UHP decoring working cells have become an essential tool in every modern aluminium, magnesium, or titanium foundry, where it successfully removes ceramic cores and cleans the interior of complex castings. In close cooperation with our partners, we complemented our product range of ecological surface treatment equipment with Ultra High-Pressure water blasting equipment, also known as UHP Water Jetting.