Water jet cabine - Decontamination of radiological wastes


Project: WATER JET CABINE, Decontamination of radiological wastes
Year: 2016
Industry: Electric power industry

Problem: The UHP water jet cell is set to decontaminate radiological wastes

Solution: The purpose of this machine is surface treatment, decontamination, of various components of different geometries and materials. 

Usage: Use a pressurized water jet to remove contamination from the surface. Remove paint, coatings from sheet steel, structural steel, pipes and tenacious deposits without damaging the underlying surface.


  • Operator work inside the cell
  • Water tight cell, impossibility of dispersion of water
  • Up to 2.500 bar water jet pressure
  • Heavy-duty design
  • High-pressure hose manually operable
  • OPTION: Full Automatic or robotized system


  • Cabin made from stainless steel with sound insulation, service platform, doors, skid-proof gratings, laminated safety glass windows
  • Heavy duty UHP system
  • Water circulation system with filtration. Closed or open water circulation mode.
  • Ventilation system with air filtration, dehumidification and connection to site HVAC system
  • Computer control system with water quality real time inspection, safety control and connection to site control room
  • Turntable on rails
  • Shower for operator
  • Lightening min. 600 lux
  • Chain hoist