In the metalworking industry problems are often encountered because of inappropriate surface treatment and as a result, poor paint adhesion. Troubles can show up even at cleaning of paint and protective coatings and of course at removing rust and in final treatment of INOX  products and processing equipment.

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With Sand Blasting to a proper, perfect or final look of your products!

Our references are assurance,
that you made the right decision to work with us.

Metalworking is such a wide branch, that all types of surface treatment machines can be used: from small cabinets to large blast rooms. We also offer you mobile injector and pressure blast machines with all protective equipment, where fieldwork is inevitable.

  • Sand /Shot Blasting  Removing rust and old layers from the metal surfaces prior to painting,  preparing metal surfaces for bonding/glueing, rubberising,  vulcanisation
  • Light abrasive cleaning  Cleaning tools and moulds, blasting sensitive surfaces

What do we offer you?

Based on our knowledge and experiences we offer you:

  • blasting surfaces with abrasive and low abrasive materials
  • cleaning and deburring,
  • removing of rust and old protective layers,
  • final treatment of INOX, ROSTFREI products and processing equipment (pharmaceutical industry, food industry...),
  • removing of welding scale,
  • architectural and decorative finishing.

Where is our equipment suitable?

Our configuration is suitable in:

  • reassembly of machines and tools,
  • maintenance of wagons and locomotives,
  • cleaning of construction, bridges, bigger machines (cranes, boats, construction and rural machines) on the field,
  • cleaning and maintenance of the inside and outside of pipelines,
  • cleaning of precious metals such as aluminium, copper, titanium and brass.

Let us help you solve that and similar problems! For more information about our solutions and products contact us!

Inox weld before shot blasting      

Inox weld after shot blasting

We meet with the purchase of the  Slovenian manufacturer  FerroCrtalic d.o.o., which fulfil all conditions of the pharmaceutical industry and the pallets are in accordance with  GMP requirements.  Pallets were manufactured to our requirements (specific dimensions)  and are of high quality, strong design and capacity as well as waterproof.  Pallets have a validated process of washing with detergent for industrial washing in scrubbers. Our further requirements will meet products from the same manufacturer, because the products, way of doing business, and deadlines suit our requirements.

George Kotze, 
Production Supervisor, Sandoz