Blast room

Ecological industrial Blast rooms for the most demanding abrasive blasting suitable for all sizes and shapes of workpieces. The sole law-conformant solution for the cleaning of large objects is blasting in closed systems with abrasive recycling and filtration - Air filtration and recuperation - Abrasive ecological Blast rooms.


Improve your productivity with quality engineered ecological blast rooms designed especially for your purpose.

FerroECOBlast Europe Blast rooms advantages:

  • Totally closed - energy saving system "eco"
  • Safety non-slip full floor
  • Perfect visibility & abrasion resistant walls
  • designed under norms & customer requirements
  • In-house: Lower costs and better control
  • Could be installed inside or outside of a factory
  • Prevent blast abrasive to escape, avoiding contamination outside of blast room
  • Recycling of abrasive, so it can be used again, removing contaminants, keeping a very  good quality of blasting
  • Very good isolation outside of blast room, noise levels don’t disturb other  production processes

Abrasive recycling & Recovery:

  • Recover practically all types of abrasives
  • Full or partially abrasive collecting system
  • Reliable and durable scrapper system
  • Fully automatic operation with one more blast guns

Blast operator works inside the room to roughen, smooth, or clean surfaces of an item depending on the needs of the finished product.