We're as cold as ice!

We've been featured in Belgrade's Museum of Science and Technology
<h2>We're as <span style="color: rgb(196, 22, 28);"><strong>cold as ice!</strong></span></h2>

We are as cold as ice!

This summer was declared one of the warmest in recent history, with temperature records broken all around the world. But that didn't prevent us to still be cool, or actually – cold as ice!

FerroECOBlast and Aquila Triventek were among the supporters of »Cold as Ice« (»Hladan kao led«), an exhibition in Belgrade's Museum of Science and Technology that opened on July 25 and organized by the Union of Engineers and Technicians of Serbia.

The exhibition, curated by the Museum's custodian Zoran Lević, is dedicated to the historical development, production technology and use of ice in the region.

We were featured in the exhibition with the newest dry ice blaster BL25 which can be used for advanced surface cleaning and preparation in a variety of industries.

If you happen to be in Belgrade, you still have a couple of days to visit the exhibition, which will close on Monday, September 2.