So the classical, as well as new alternative sources of electricity, need to be in the manufacture of generators and assemblies for the production of electricity modern technology of surface treatment, effective, ecologically friendly and economically viable. Our solutions and machines are suitable for all the above-listed requirements.

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Today, Power Industry is faced with major changes and highly advanced technology. It also requires special surface treatment processes that are successfully managed by our company. Welcome.

Where is our equipment suitable?

Shot Peening

  • Shot Peening of components, gears, shafts


  • Surface treatment solutions for composite materials

Soda Blasting

  • Ecological Paint Stripping with Soda Blasting

Dry Ice Cleaning

  • Ecological Paint Stripping with Soda Blasting

What do we offer you?

Power industry is a continuously developing and growing industry of great importance for FerroECOBlast Europe company. We are able to offer our clients a wide field of applications, from simple, manual solutions, to more advanced automatic or robotic solutions. FerroECOBlast Europe is one of the leading providers for all solutions in Power industry.

Where are we present?

  • Thermo power plants, hydro power plant, nuclear central
  • alternative (solar panels - preparation of surfaces before applying the photovoltaic layers)
  • in the wind central for the internal blasting of towers
  • etc.

Solutions for Power industry:

  • precise and controlled blasting operation 
  • Shot peening solutions for peening of shafts, gears,...
  • ecological paint stripping of shafts
  • inside and outside pipe blasting solution
  • decontamination solutions
  • deburring of rotor, strators
  • Dry Ice cleaning of sensitive equipment

What can we do?

  • manual or Automatic systems for inside and/or outside blasting of pipes for oil, and gas industry
  • nuclear decontamination with different systems such as Ultra High Pressure water jetting (UHP), dry ice cleaning, air blasting and wet blasting solutions
  • manual  or Automatic Dry Ice solutions for cleaning extremely sensitive  materials, such as electric circuit boards, switchgear,...
  • ecological Paint Stripping of shafts with our Soda Blasting equipment
  • Shot peening solutions for peening of shafts and gears for the fast-growing wind power industry
  • Shot Peening of drive components -axes, shafts, reduction gearing, couplings
  • preparation of the surfaces of the plastic and composite parts of wind turbines.
  • adapt to our clients' wishes and needs

The machine is very good as it completely fulfils all technological requirements and working results. The construction of the machine and the material used assure long life and minimal necessary maintenance. We are very satisfied with the equipment and we recommend FerroČrtalič machines.

Andreja Košir,
President of the board, Elan