Automatic suction blasting machine

Blastomat 15-14 HD

Blastomat 15-14 HD was produced as a universal blasting machine, which can be used in different industries, such as foundry, plastic, rubber, glass, and other industries. The key benefit of this machine is a continuous working process and repeatability of the blasting process. The machine has two motorized turntables, this enables the user to use it continuously. 6 blasting guns with oscillation covers all the blasting area. The filter/recycling unit keeps the cabinet dust free and recycles the good media from bad media. Most parameters are controlled through user-friendly FerroSmartPanel. In case of failure alarms and warnings appear on the screen. 

Blastomat 15-14 HD is truly a universal blasting machine for all industries.


  • 2x loading cranes
  • 2x motorized turntables
  • 6 blasting nozzles with oscillation
  • Possibility to make repairs with manual blast nozzle
  • FerroSmartPanel for control of the blasting cabinet


  • Faster blasting process, compared with previous surface treatment method
  • Cost effective working process
  • Automated and repeatable working process
  • High productivity machine