Congratulations, Leo!

Our very own Leo Andolšek, representing the fourth generation of the family at FerroECOBlast, has just been elected President of the Young Entrepreneur Club of the Regional Chamber of Craft - Novo mesto!
<h1>Congratulations, <span style="color: rgb(196, 22, 28);"><strong>Leo!</strong></span></h1>

The members of the Young Entrepreneur Club elected Leo Andolšek, their first president on Friday, May 14th, 2021. Leo is the great-grandson of our founder, Jože Črtalič, and is currently our Marketing Assistant. After the election, Leo stated his main goals as President will be enabling a positive environment for his peers to learn, network, and get initial support for their business ideas.

The Club members also elected Petra Štukelj as Vice President and Rado Trifković, Sara Zupančič, Tim Medle and Jernej Smolej as Members of the Board.

We wish Leo and his team lots of success! Congratulations, guys and girls!