Proud Members of Organizations/Societies

As proud members of globally active societies and organizations, we believe in the power of collaboration and collective action to achieve goals. Active engagement in various organizations enables us to contribute our knowledge, experience, and ideas, and strive to achieve common objectives. We are committed to providing high-quality services and products and meeting the highest standards required by our partners and customers. Together with our partners and members of organizations, we strive for sustainable development and responsible environmental and social behavior, as we believe that this is the only way we can contribute to a better and more sustainable future.

European Space Agency

The European Space Agency (ESA) is Europe’s gateway to space. Its mission is to shape the development of Europe’s space capability and ensure that investment in space continues to deliver benefits to the citizens of Europe and the world.

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Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia

The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia (CCIS) is the largest independent, voluntary, non-profit association of companies in Slovenia. It was founded in 1851 and today boasts more than 5,200 member companies of all shapes, sizes, branches, and regional backgrounds. It can support and facilitate your entrance into the Slovenian market.

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Slovenian Defence Industry Cluster

The Defence Industry Cluster of Slovenia, g.i.z. (GIZ-GOIS) is an autonomous and independent economic interest association of members, providers of products and services in the field of defence, protection and security with a 14-year tradition. GOIS operates as a non-profit organisation, which represents the main organisational and informational link between Slovenian industry, scientific and research organisations and the State.

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Chamber of commerce and industry located in the Dolenjska and Bela krajina 

Companies of Dolenjska and Bela krajina were first to take the advantage of the new Chamber of commerce law. Regional companies have confirmed the formation of the first legally independent regional chamber of commerce in Slovenia at the founding meeting in April 2007 named The Chamber of Commerce of Dolenjska and Bela krajina which has became operative on the 1 September 2007.

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Chamber of craft and small business of Slovenia

The Chamber of Craft and Small Business of Slovenia is an umbrella organisation comprising the craft and small business chamber system jointly with 62 regional chambers of craft and small business. The Chamber of Craft and Small Business of Slovenia and the regional chambers of craft and small business are independent legal entities managed by craftsmen – officials (functionaries) – on a voluntary basis.

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Slovenian Directors' Association

The Slovenian Directors’ Association (SDA) is a professional, non for profit, and non-governmental organisation that brings together members of Supervisory Boards, Directors, and other stakeholders of corporate governance.

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