Semi-automatic cabinet for sandblasting of glass panels


GLASS-O-BLAST ECO is a modern easy to use manual or semi-automatic cabinet for sandblasting of glass panels in all dimensions and is being used by demanding professionals in glass industry.

FerroECOBlast produces GLASS-O-BLAST and GLASS-O-MATIC line of sandblasting cabinets for over twenty years and constantly upgrading  them with new technologies.

FerroECOBlast GLASS-O-BLAST ECO cabinet utilizes the largest working  space, which can be further extended by opening the top cover, this way  allowing sandblasting of the largest glass panels! GLASS-O-BLAST ECO cabinet is equipped with complete dust collection, filtration and  recycling of abrasive media, with automatic cleaning and control system.  For sealing of the working space we implemented in GLASS-O-BLAST 15 ECO cabinet our own patented Air bag system, which prevents any dust or  abrasive to escape out from the cabinet.

Two models of GLASS-O-BLAST ECO cabinet are available in same size, but differ in standard equipment:

Cabinet dimensions:
1300 (2800 with extensions) x 1300 x 2150 mm
Working space dimensions:
1150 x 1450 x 550 mm
Blast gun vertical movement:
1450 mm
Pass-through openings for glass panels:
H=1500 x 100 mm max. Width
Loading capacity:
350 kg

Standard equipment GLASS-O-BLAST 10 ECO:

  • Cabinet with rubber sealing
  • Manual glass movement (freely rotating rollers)
  • One ANNI manual blast gun
  • Dust collector CENTRO 2/2 ECO with abrasive recovery system
  • Filter regulator for compressed air

Standard equipment GLASS-O-BLAST 15 ECO:

  • Cabinet with controlled rubber sealing
  • Motor powered rollers for glass panel transport
  • Manual vertical blast gun movement
  • Manual gun oscillation
  • Dust collector CENTRO 2/2 ECO with abrasive recovery system
  • One INJ-1 K blast gun activated by foot pedal
  • Filter regulator for compressed air