Powder enameling systems
Spray booths and robotic applications

In order to provide complete solution to our customers, we also produce powder enameling booths and robotic applications.

Enamelling as process is divided in two segments:

  • Wet enamelling
  • Spraying
  • Flooding
  • Dipping
  • Powder enamelling
  • Electrostatic application system

In this segment, we restrict only on the powder enameling application (coating) process.

Advantages of powder enameling:

  • Less space needed for installations
  • 100% enamel recycling
  • Automatized/robotized applications
  • Applied thickness control
  • No need for drying (1 process less)
  • Lower operation and maintenance cost
  • Less man power  (1 person) and no enamel preparation
  • Homogenous application - constant quality

Off line powder enameling system

Off line powder Enameling Booths orbital type are used for enamel application for inside coating of boilers. Main advantage of this model is, that one operator can handle with loading/unloading from the front size (from one place) and in the same time other boilers are treated inside the Enameling booth. It is completely independent system where already blasted and inside clean boilers shall be powder enameled and after manually transferred to the overhead conveyor, which travel through the oven.

Depending on the boiler sizes and production capacities we provide appropriate number of stations.

Solution Powder Enameling Booth 8/2 with 4 station (2 outside and 2 inside) with processing of 2 boilers at the same time:

In line powder enameling applications

Modern In Line powder enameling booths are used for high production capacities. Complete transportation of work pieces, clamping, powdering, etc is fully automated with means of manipulation systems, overhead conveyors and robots.

We are proud to have the experience and knowledge, which was gained in all those years of hard work  so today we can integrate modern robotic solutions into our installations.

What that means is that with robotic applications we took the powder application to the highest level in terms of speed, control, quality, efficiency….

This booth is designed to enable synchronized work of robot together with conveyor movement  This is example how we managed to achieve continuous work flow without any stops.