Automatic machine for blasting pans

Creating of very fine and unique surface roughness on aluminium pans before Teflon coating, with full automatic and 100% controlled solution. 

On the base of hundreds of tests with different abrasives, systems, pressures and velocities, we found the right parameters and we were able to calculate working parameters. Technology has been established, economical parameters many times recalculated and basic configuration of the new machine has been made. Also, many new and innovative details were provided and accompanied in the whole project. 

It was completely newly designed high productivity machine on ORBITAL base, with 12 guns and nozzles, which are able to cover all sizes and shapes of pans. An operator is standing in front of the machine and changes always two equal pans in pair. Inside machine pans start to rotate and there are three working stations, and the last one is Blow-Off station for cleaning rest of abrasive.

In the BLASTING ZONE »1«, nozzles are oscillating and covering surface from down side and also with two additional nozzles a ring around. In the BLASTING ZONE »2«, nozzles are travelling also »Up« and »Down« and covering higher (or dipper) pans.

Blasting zone 1

Blasting zone 2


An operator is loading and unloading parts always in pair from the front side of the machine. He must switch OFF Vacuum before changing and immediately switch ON again. The working area is protected with two-hand activation switches.

ABRASIVE RECOVERY SYSTEM – Double Pneumatic exhaust lines and strong connection to the very effective Filter Unit is the key for successful long term operating without problems.

A special challenge is how to design and what kind of materials is possible to use for very aggressive blasting media, which is abrasive and produce a very big amount of dust. Here come out our long years' experiences!

ELECTRO CONTROL BOX– with CPU and touch screen panel, all together based on Siemens technology, give to the consumer a wide range of different possibilities and exact adjustment for each of 12 nozzles and speed for rotation and movement.