Multifunctional Shot Peening cell machine


This type of machines allows controlled and repeatable Shot Peening of different kind of metal or alloy engine parts with two different peening media sizes, with regular blasting head and special rotary lance head. Complete machine solutions are based on the custom made blasting chambers designed specially to achieve ideal working conditions for Shot Peening process. These are designed and constructed with sound absorbing materials taking under consideration strict health regulations and providing a safe working environment for operators. Modern 6 axis robot manipulators are used for high precision manipulation of blasting head.

All working movements and parameters are fully controllable and repeatable suitable for Shot Peening process and providing the ability to create reports for particular jobs. Supervision and management of the complete system and process functions are performed via a SCADA control system, which is closely linked to industrial PLC with built-in-system.

Programming robotic modules and manual handling are executed through FlexPendant mobile HMI with all inbuilt features for safe operation during manual programming and service actions. Fully robotic tested and verified Shot Peening solution are a guarantee for the exact peening quality regarding the customers' requirements with the highest level of effective working procedure.


  • modern 6 axis robot
  • sound absorbing materials 
  • controllable process
  • PLC Touchscreen process control and data logging
  • easy to maintain and operate


  • 100% Repeatable process 
  • effective working process
  • high quality
  • safe operation