Shot Peening of components of aircraft engines

BLAST 20-20 NP is fully automated blast cabinet, designed and made for precise Shot Peening.

BLAST 20-20 NP Shot Peening cabinet is used for Shot Peening of components of aircraft engines and landing gears. Shot Peening cabinet is equipped with a turntable on a trolley, which can be manually pulled out from the cabinet for easy loading and unloading of the work pieces. The rotation speed of the turntable is adjustable through a PLC controller. Shot Peening nozzles are mounted on the linear guides, with programmable movement in y and z axes. Input of the parameters is carried out through the portable HMI (Human Machine Interface) unit with a touch screen. 

Shot Peening cabinet is connected to a shot recycling system, which is equipped with CENTRO 4/4-500 dust collector, three cyclone separators, airwash unit for separation of dust from the shot media, magnetic separator for separating any unwanted metallic parts from the shot media and a Sweco classifier to ensure, that the shots in the system are always in the correct size. The system can be used with glass or ceramic beads of all sizes (depending on the classifier screens in the Sweco unit).

Max. work piece diameter: 1500 mm Max. 

work piece height: 800 mm