BOY blast cabinets

We developed a line of cabinets, suitable for less demanding users who still expect a reliable and high-quality FerroECOBlast Europe blasting cabinet. As do all of our models, BOY cabinets satisfy all the requirements of safe and ecological surface treatment. Main characteristics of the new line are:

  • Left and right side doors for easy loading
  • Resiliant-to-scratches LED lighting system for exceptional visibility
  • Foot pedal operated blasting
  • Automatic safety switch
  • Tool-free glass change in minutes

We offer BOY cabinets in two sizes, equipped with either VF-70 dust collector or a CENTRO recycling unit.

Actual space requirement for a complete system depends on the equipment configuration, options and requested work flow. Care also about additional work space for the operator and for maintenance access.


BOY 70 + VF-70

BOY 100 + VF-70

Outside dimensions (mm)

800 x 1020 x 1700

1100 x 1120 x 1700

Working area (mm)

690 x 690 x 750

990 x 790 x 750

Cabinet weight, empty

151 kg

180 kg

Max. work piece weight

200 kg

200 kg

Working air pressure

3 - 6 bar

Air consumption at 4 bar*

0,3 - 0,8 m3/min

Blast nozzle diameter

6 (8, 10) mm

Electric connection:

230 V, 50 H

BOY blast cabinets can be customized with many optional accessories like:

  • boron carbide nozzles 5, 6, 7, 8, 10 mm
  • blow-off (blowing) gun
  • blast gun holder
  • inside rubber lining
  • rubber/plastic blast gloves
  • metal ring for glove attachment
  • manual turntable VM 500/50-300
  • leveling feet

Recommended equipment and accessories:

  • blast cabinet with injector or pressure system
  • abrasive media
  • dust collector VF-70 or recycling unit (CENTRO)

Blast gun type options:

  • INJ 1 K blast gun

INJ 1 K blast gun

  • ANI blast gun

 ANI blast gun 

  • POWER gun

 POWER gun 

Common applications:
  • Remove rust, mill scale, heat treatment scale, and carbon buildup from metals
  • Strip paint, powder coating, plating, and anodizing from parts for rework
  • Eliminate burrs, parting lines, flashes, and other defects from castings and injection-molded parts
  • Remove residual sand from castings
  • Beautify steel, stainless steel, aluminum, brass and other metals with a uniform satin finish
  • Etch artwork and apply lettering on glass, stone, plastics, metal and other materials
  • Clean release agents and material buildup from molds