Sensi Snow Automatic blasting


  • Manipulator with nozzle oscillation, nozzle speed up to 200 mm/s
  • Special filter unit to remove gases and impurities
  • Unique dosing system with built-in grinder
  • Automatic cleaning operation 


Dry snow cleaning is non-abrasive to the primary surface, while cleaning dirt, oil, grease, dust, fingerprints, etc. from even the most sensitive surfaces.

The automatic dry snow blasting cabinet is made for the toughest work environments. We have designed a special cleaning cabinet with unique dosing system with a built-in dry snow grinder, a dry snow application system and special filter unit which removes CO2 gas and impurities from the cleaning cabinet. Manipulator with nozzle oscillation enables automatic work and allows our system to achieve the best cleaning result.

This cabinet can be widely used in different industries, such as automotive, plastic, rubber, electronics and others.


  • Automated working process with control system for regulating process settings
  • Nozzle oscillation for optimal part coverage
  • Freshly ground snow, meaning best quality and optimal cleaning result
  • Adjustable system for different workpieces
  • Environmentally friendly equipment



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