Manual Wet Blasting machine for a very fine surface finishing process


Manual Wet Blasting machine uses abrasive media and water to make a very smooth and fine surface finishing effect. The machine is equipped with a long-life pump to assure constant work and no production losses, due to maintenance. The machine is engineered and manufactured in such way, that even if is not in use for days when started the pump is capable to start operation without messy cleaning or additional work before using it again.

This machine is specially designed to be used for WET Blasting, as well as for DRY Blasting. Two nozzles (one for Wet and one for Dry Blasting) are installed in the machine and is equipped with additional filter unit to extract dust, during DRY Blasting and disconnected for WET Blasting. The machine is also equipped with a cleaning gun, to clean parts with recycled clean water. 


  • capability to work without constant operator presence
  • automated or manual working process
  • high resistant long-life pump
  • transparent by-pass for mixture inspection
  • can be left for days without using and starts-up normally
  • easy to maintain and operate


  • automated working process
  • repeatable process
  • low maintenance requirements
  • perfect surface finishing effect