FerroECOBlast does more: we are on national TV!

<h2>FerroECOBlast does more: <span style="color: rgb(196, 22, 28);"><strong>we are on national TV!</strong></span></h2>

We are really proud that yesterday our family business was presented on the Slovenian national television during the business-oriented show "Podjetno naprej". The show is dedicated to everyone with an interest in business, creativity, innovation, current business events and trends, and finances and it's been showcasing various business success stories since 2008.
Success requires not only a good idea, but the right one - one that creates real value on the market, and that is why we're glad that the authors recognized this quality in our business, which has been raising the bar in the field of surface treatment technologies since 1964, expanding globally in the most demanding industries such as, among others, aerospace, additive manufacturing, and the medical industry and developing state-of-the-art blasting and shot peening technologies.

We really hope this success continues with our future generations!

You can check out the show by clicking the link below (Slovenian only):