De-coring of castings (automatized and robotized)

The name of the machine: ROBODECORE


This is a universal machine for foundries. It has been designed to have high flexibility for internal cleaning of different casts.  It was designed for a customer who has a big variety of different products and they wanted to have a repeatable process and controlled  cleaning of cast sand from their castings. What we have engineered for  the customer has never been done before. 100% automatic de-coring machine with robotized part handling. It is designed to clean different parts that customers have and what makes it so special is that it can be easily programmed for other different types of casts that customer produces in future.  Different types of nozzles are used for different channels and are programmed for each part. This state of art machine comes with 2D vision camera to detect workpieces and does not require special nests for a part position. The robot with special designed gripper grabs the part and moves it to an exactly needed nozzle for the cleaning process. A machine is designed with close-loop media flow system,  which you can very precisely set to have the right amount of media going out from the nozzle. After the workpiece is cleaned it is put on  the unloading conveyor to transport it in batch boxes. All of these jobs are usually done manually with a lot of workers, but now with implementing automatization in the process, customer satisfaction is higher than ever. With respect to workers, an automatic machine is now doing the »dirty« job, the results are repeatable and controlled which delivers the quality in product and reduce reclamation of products. We are very proud of the ROBODECORE machine and to be the first supplier with such flexible machinery on the market.