We are creating 
something new

We started a project of making a new web page.
<h2><span style="color: rgb(59, 59, 59);">We are creating</span><strong>&nbsp;</strong>
	<br><strong>something new</strong></h2>

We are an innovative company and as such we started a project of making a new web page with great local companies with which we already work with full power and we held multiple meetings with the company Spletna postaja and its representatives miss Nina Kaučič and mister Roman Krušič. We also work and develop our designs with a great designer mister Miroslav Koljanin from the Drawingart company. 

Our CEO Mojca Andolšek and our marketing director Saša Mlekuž visited headquarters of Spletna postaja and held a meeting about the project start with mister Roman Krušič. The next meeting was held in FerroČrtalič headquarters where we arranged crucial things about the project.  Present at the meeting were Nina Kaučič and Roman Krušič from Spletna  postaja, Miroslav Koljanin from Drawingart and our Saša Mlekuž.