Abrasive collecting and recycling center ARC

It can be connected to the blast rooms or work as standalone equipment. Mechanical systems for collection and recovery of practically all types of abrasive media are today a vital part of every, even very simple Blast Room. These systems rapidly reduce the time for refilling Blast pots and the used abrasive media in constant recirculation is always clean of dust, debris, and other large particles.

ARC systems are usually assembled from:

  • Mainframe with integrated guides for fork-lifter, and hooks for transportation by crane
  • Electrically driven bucket Elevator with a belt tensioner and rotation control
  • Separator with inclined sieves and controlled wind separator
  • Dust collector CENTRO
  • Silo for abrasive media with additional screening sieve and outlets with manual knife valves for filling the Blast machines

Standalone units have hoppers for manual abrasive collection and should be equipped with additional Electro-control box (Optional).

Mechanical abrasive recycling centers ARC can be customized according to specific customer's demands with many additional attachments, which can improve performance, or provide additional possibilities for control or even automatic working process.

Optional equipment:

  • Additional upper platform with a fence, which protects the equipment against weather conditions
  • Powered rotary sieve (MRS 5/5)
  • Automatic fill-in system with pneumatic knife valve
  • Level control of abrasive media for pressure blast pots
  • Weighing systems for automatic fill-in system

This way, our ABRASIVE RECYCLING CENTRES are a complete and independent abrasive collection, transportation and recycling solution, able to work everywhere, under the toughest conditions.


ARC systems are designed to be used for industrial Air Blasting purposes in the toughest conditions. They can be connected to the blast rooms or work as standalone equipment.