Sensi Snow Blast

When faced with cleaning tasks of very sensitive nature involving delicate components, such as electronic circuits, motherboards, industrial electronic and robotic equipment, etc., our dry snow cleaning technology with crushed crystals is our top solution. We called it Sensi Snow Blast.

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When it comes to sensitive and effective cleaning of delicate components, FerroECOBlast Europe’s Sensi Snow Blast solutions are your best choice!

 The most effective, precise, multidimensional
cleaning technique on the market today

What is Sensi Snow Blasting?

Similar to the Dry Ice blasting/cleaning process, the special feature of Sensi Snow blasting is that liquid CO 2 is converted first into standard pellets and immediately after ground to very small solid CO 2 snow particles at a temperature of minus 78.5 °C. The conversion is performed by the specially developed ice crusher next to the gun. We recommend crushing them in front of the distribution disc into the blasting hose.

In the FerroECOBlast Europe’s Sensi Snow blasting unit, CO 2 snow particles are created as uniform solid crystals and proportionally added into the compressed airflow. This accelerates them through a special nozzle onto the targeted object. In this way, the complete process is fully controlled and reproducible, making it perfect for automatic, robotic or manual work.

Prednosti suhega snega

Prednosti suhega snega

  • edini sistem na trgu, ki zagotavlja 85-odstotno učinkovitost pri pridobivanju suhih ledu iz tekočega CO2
  • hiter, stroškovno učinkovit in varen postopek čiščenja
  • enostavna avtomatizacija in nadzor procesa z obnovljivimi funkcijami
  • visoka učinkovitost čiščenja in predhodnega čiščenja najrazličnejših materialov

Where do we apply it?

FerroECOBlast Europe’s Sensi Snow Blast technology is best applied in the cleaning of demanding and sensitive components and electronics. It is also becoming increasingly popular for pre-cleaning or activating surfaces prior to painting plastic parts in serial production.

FerroECOBlast Europe offers its own procedures and equipment for cleaning of very sensitive and delicate surfaces with Snow blasting technology under the name Sensi Snow Blast and highly effective Dry Ice Blasting/Cleaning technology, including equipment for producing dry ice (pelletizer) and special units for CO 2 recycling (Recovery Unit) back from the used pellets/gas to the liquid phase.

Important: The FerroECOBlast Europe system is the only one of its kind that allows you to get more than 85% efficiency in obtaining Dry Ice pellets from liquid CO 2!

Warning: There are several types of equipment for producing Dry Snow, some are better for cooling, others for cleaning – but only ours can do both! Contact our experts for more information.

Project Highlights

Project Highlights

  • dry snow cleaning guarantees the required cleaning effect without damaging even the most delicate parts
  • we developed a safe, effective and precise system for industrial cleaning with dry snow
  • two versions were developed: a stationary system for standard industrial production processes and a mobile version for special applications.

About the Sensi Snow Blast project

The aim of the project was to develop the solutions needed by manufacturers in modern process-intensive industries, where there is a need to clean delicate parts using automated and robotized processes. The primary fields of application of this innovative technology are:

  • Pre-treatment of plastic parts before painting
  • Cleaning of molds for rubber, foundry and plastic industries
  • Cleaning of sensitive electrical components
  • Manufacturing of parts and accessories for motor vehicles

The technology we developed is currently available and ready to be integrated into our machines. Feel free to contact us to discuss your needs!

The investment is co-financed by the Republic of Slovenia and the European Union from the European Regional Development Fund.