Shot blasting machine for internal blasting of boilers

BoilerBlast 4 ECO

The machine is specially designed as an automatic Shot Blast machine type, with manual loading and unloading from the front of the cabinet. It has four working stations inside the cabinet, with one vertical sliding mechanism that provides vertical movement of all four lances. On each lance blasting nozzles are installed. Boilers are hanged on the rotating hooks and are rotated and blasted with programmed Blasting cycles.

A complete abrasive recovery system and ventilation/filtering system is installed and works in automatic mode during the blasting process.

BoilerBlast 4 ECO - shot blasting machine

Technical Specification:

Dimensions (L x W x H) 2600 mm x 1200 mm + Electro-box, Filter unit x 3800 mm (-1500 mm in basement pit)
Electric power supply 380V/50Hz, 11,5kW
Compressed air (estimated) 12-15 Nm³/min; 6,0 – 8,5 Bar (ISO 8573-1; 1/4/2)
Filter recovery unit CENTRO 4/4 ECO
Pressure Blasting machine TZP 200-4 SX
Blasting Capacity 120 boilers of 15 l/h
BoilerBlast 4 ECO basement pit

Volume and main dimensions of boilers:

Volume capacity (liters) 10 - 50l
Minimal diameter and length Ø 260 mm L = 263 mm
Maximum diameter and length Ø 380 mm L = 580 mm
Minimal orifice diameter Ø 72 mm
Max weight of boiler 15 kg
Material Steel, normal quality, no oil on the surface

Befor and after shot blastingBefor and after shot blasting 02