Automatic Tumble Belt machine

The TC 60 Tumble Belt type blast machines are widespread in the field of wheel blasting, but the applications with corundum or glass beads are excluded in wheel-operated blast machines.

But for numerous components made of steel, stainless steel, cast aluminum, brass or other nonferrous metals these abrasive materials are required.

    Steel heavy-duty customized sandblasting cabinet

    Electrically driven tumble belt system

    Three oscillation blasting nozzles

    PLC Machine control

    Electrically driven Rubber belt with frequency inverter for speed control

    Rubber belt perforation ø <3 - 6 mm, suitable for small pieces

    Pneumatic system for door opening

    Unloading tray

We supply these machines with different blasting systems

    with fixed or with oscillating injector blast guns

    with fixed or with oscillating pressure blast nozzles