Boilerblast machines

Chemical surface preparation procedures before enamelling are still present in many facilities, even they are not environmental friendly.

Biggest problems are with expensive equipment, water tightness, high energy consumption, unhealthy working conditions, and also neutralisation devices must be used for waste water after-treatment...


Main advantages of sandblasting over chemical preparation are that:

  • chemical preparation is performed by submerging in deep tanks of chemicals under high temperatures for better effectiveness of chemicals
  • surface must be degreased prior to chemical preparation, which demands a sort of detergent and rinsing it off after degreasing
  • then acids or other chemicals are used and again rinsed in hot and cold water
  • The following procedure is drying and neutralisation of wastewater, which is another whole science with large start-up and maintenance cost.

Enamelling of water heater's interior is very demanding and does not allow any mistakes or shortcuts in the technological procedure. Therefore the preparation of surface before enamelling is extremely important. Since the water heaters are previously welded into one piece, only automated sandblasting procedure can be used. Depending on the daily produced quantity of water heaters, we have two types of boilerblast machines in our production programme – ORBITAL and THROUGH-FEED.

For smaller capacities we produce ORBITAL sandblasting machines.

For higher capacities we produce THROUGH-FEED sandblasting machines.

Usually water heaters are rotated and blasted with special nozzles with vertical movement. If needed, rotating nozzles can be used.

Detection station is used for water heater size recognition to eliminate the possibility of human error. Pressure blast machines are specially designed and equipped with multiple outlets.

BOILERBLAST machines are used for surface preparation of water heaters prior to enamelling process in water heater production.

Our main references from water heater surface preparation:

  • BOILERBLAST 2/6 ELD -Eldominvest, Bulgaria – 2007
  • BOILERBLAST 3-1 MET -Metalac Bojler, Serbia – 2008
  • ORBITAL 6 ECO BOIL -Termorad Group d.o.o., Serbia – 2008
  • BOILERBLAST 3/9 OLY -Olympic Group, Egypt – 2009
  • BOILERBLAST 1-3 ECO DRAZ -DZ Dražice, Czech Republic - 2011
  • BOILERBLAST 3/1 GE ECO, General Electric, USA – 2011-12

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