All your FerroECOBlast machines in one place.

Make sure your machines are always in top condition! With FebConnect's innovative mobile app, you and your team can easily check the operational status of any Miblast, Addiblast or FerroECOBlast machine. Get detailed insight into performance data and manufactured batches for an efficient overview - no matter where you are.

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Unlock the full potential of your FerroECOBlast machines with our new app and get a complete look into their data, operation history and manufactured batches! Gain greater insights to maximize efficiency today.


Through the machine overview, users can easily view all machines available to them and get a peek into their stats! Get an inside look at each machine's information like current process parameters as well as data from its life on record.


Effortlessly keep track of machines - from data and operation history all the way to finished products. Administrators are granted exclusive access so they can easily view and manage users within their own company's network.

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Keep your machine in top shape with regular status reporting! Check for nozzle and material replacements, repair needs, maintenance items - all to ensure maximum efficiency.

The FebConnect benefits you at a glance:

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Connect any of your FerroECOBlast, MiBlast, or Addiblast machines all in one app.
Production Data
Fast, intuitive access to comprehensive machine information and status.
Use your previously used recipe.
All your devices
On iPhone, iPad, Android,
Mac, Windows and the Web.
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Due Dates
Stay on schedule with necessary maintenance dates for optimal performance.
The entire operating history of the machine is displayed, and you can further filter the production according to the selected data.
Be alerted about potential machine issues so you can act quickly and avoid any costly breakdowns.
Expand your data's reach by allowing more users to access vital machine information!

FebConnect is currently compatible with the following products


Start your 90-day free trial today. Attention: You can only test the application if you have a compatible machine!