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Die-casting industry, Sweden

Die-casting industry, Sweden


Project: Precise robotic deflashing of zinc castings

Year: 2012

Industry: Die-casting industry

Problem: A renowned Swedish company is a producer of precise zinc castings for automobile industry. To cut the production costs, they needed an automatic system for precise deflashing of zinc castings, one by one with final vision control of the product.

Solution:  The machine CLP ROBO 4 ECO was designed in tight cooperation with our customer. The goal was to make a machine, which would be integrated with the existing die casting machine with a manipulation robot. The machine would process castings taken from the machine while still hot and deliver them finished and inspected back to the manipulation robot.

Taking into the account the needed cool-down period of the casting, space limitations and the existing machinery, the final result was a very special design using the latest technology.

The casting is taken from the die by a manipulation robot and put in to a special fixture on the CLP conveyor. During the transport to the first step of the surface treatment, the casting is being cooled down to the appropriate temperature for surface treatment process.

First step of the surface treatment process is sand blasting with a robot to quickly and precisely deflash the casting. Sand blasting with a robot is very fast, economical and gives the best possible surface treatment results.

Second step of the surface treatment process is sand blasting with multiple adjustable nozzles to create a uniform surface finish.

Third step of the surface treatment process is cleaning with multiple adjustable blow-off nozzles to prepare the casting for final inspection.

The final step of the surface treatment process is visual inspection of the finished casting with computer vision camera mounted on a robot. The camera detects any defects in shape and if so, the manipulation robot disposes the faulty castings in to the scrap and places the good ones on to the press cutter. Machine has been successfully integrated into customer's production and proved to be a great success.




Research partners

Research partners: Univerza v LjubljaniBAYREUTH UNIVERSITYFraunhoferCleanER 




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