Through-feed machine

For highest capacities, we produce THROUGH-FEED sandblasting machines for 40-120  boilers/h and even more upon request!

Through – feed boiler blasting machines are specially designed for full automatic high productivity in-line inside blasting boilers, vessels or tanks, with one opening from the downside.

They are suitable for high production capacities, which means that can handle/support the production of up to 120 boilers/h (50-80 litres). Work in tact / synchronized with hanging conveyor.

We are speaking of most advanced, fully automatic and self-adjustable machines, which need only one operator.

In these machines, we can blast up to 4 boilers per one blasting phase.

These machines are at the top level of process automation. Three phase blasting process (blasting Up, blasting Down and blow-off) Automatic abrasive reclaim system and dust filtration.

These can operate in full synchronization with hanging conveyors, and receiving data for unit self-adjustment, these units can be equipped with detecting stations for height adjustments… and all other detections system providing higher productivity and reliability.


  • boilers entering the machine and conveyor stops at a certain point
  • boiler clamping and centering
  • blast nozzles travel and blasting per programme/recipe
  • return of the nozzles to the start position and release of the boilers
  • boilers travel to the next position and the blasting cycle repeats


  • many different automatic functions 
  • sliding doors opening/closing as per input signals
  • abrasive collection and transportation/elevation
  • cleaning of abrasive and filling of the silo
  • automatic filling and pressurization of the pressure vessel
  • air suction and filtration