Shot peening of jet engine blades

Continuous Shot-Peening Machine “CSP 1300 ROT” was made to provide glass beads suction peening for processing of turbine blades to induce residual compressive stresses. In machine, CSP 1300 ROT is possibly to peen all kind of metal or alloy parts by means of pressured air peening. Machine can be additionally programed for processing of other various parts. Machine is designed to operate in universal and flexible working process. Shot peening cabinet is suitable for operating in automatic working mode with all functions and programing designed to be user friendly. Automatic working mode meaning that machine is capable of running automatic process of shot peening so that achieved results on workpieces are consistent and repeatable. For automatic working mode it is necessary to create working program for different workpieces and to store it in control system.

Machine is equipped with motor driven rubber protected transport turntable (PLC adjustable speed), positioned on the central bearing supporting structure. Inside of cabinet there is horizontal motor driven manipulator with fixtures for nozzles. Nozzles positions can be manually adjusted.

All working parameters of machine can be stored in PLC memory.

Collecting and recycling of abrasive is done pneumatically by means of powerful dust filtration unit CENTRO 4/6–750. Dust Filtration unit CENTRO is equipped with automatic cleaning system PULSE-JET for cleaning the filter cartridges and dust container under the filter box. 


  • automatic Peening cabinet with turntable and fixtures for blasting nozzles
  • continuous Suction blasting system for 16 nozzles
  • pneumatic Media reclaim system: Filter unit CENTRO 4/6 – 750 with  cyclone separator, vibrational screening system, and flexible connection  hose
  • electrical control box and pneumatic assembly