Robotic Dry Blasting Machine


Robotic Dry Blasting machine is engineered and manufactured in "heavy-duty" way for professional use. Machine is equipped with protective lining inside for longer lifetime and less production stop. The possibility of automatic or manual process gives operator flexibility and the user-friendly machine allows to make dry blasting process on any shape. Machine is equipped with a synchronous turntable that works as an external axis of the 6-axis robot. Interface and process control are easy to use and custom made according to customer needs. Machine is equipped with a recycling system for media classification, which makes low media consumption and perfect operation mix, that makes a repeatable blasting effect on the surface. Advanced PLC control stores the process control and makes data logging. By controlling the process, a customer can keep track of each part and add the value for their products.


  • robotized dry blasting process (6+1 axis manipulation)
  • possibility to make manual repairs with manual nozzle
  • heavy-duty design for professional use
  • PLC Touchscreen process control and data logging
  • easy to maintain and operate


  • no operator presence needed when dry blasting process is on
  • 100% Repeatable process
  • flexibility for different geometries
  • 100% same and clean blasting media
  • perfect surface preparation process