Injector blaster

Injector blasting is used for the same purposes as pressure blasting, but its strength is slightly smaller, therefore it can also be used on softer materials, or materials where blunt blasting could cause damage to the base material due to its intensity. Another advantage, especially for field work, is the lower consumption of compressed air because the air supply nozzle in the injector system is smaller. Injector blasting creates a vacuum in the blast nozzle and pulls the blasting agent from the tank to the gun. The air pressure in the gun pushes the sand through the nozzle and gives it a lot of kinetic energy.

In particular, blasting agents with a small specific gravity are used:

  • organic sand
  • aluminum oxide
  • glass beads
  • plastic granulate
  • etc.

With the appropriate selection of nozzles, pressure and sandblasting agents, the precisely desired intensity of continuous blasting without congestion is achieved.

Based on the ZP 25 and ZP 50, we developed an injection blasting machine with a dust extraction ZP 25 ECO.

The main advantages of the machine are:

  • It can be used indoors
  • no need for personal protection of a worker
  • built-in dust extraction from Air Blasting area

The machine has an integrated cyclone separator, which separates the abrasive from the dust. so that the abrasive can be reused.

It is used by mechanics:

  • on car bodies
  • engines
  • auto parts
  • in other smaller crafts