RE80 Dry Ice Recovery Unit

Dry Ice at half price:

Technical data:

The new RE80 Recovery Unit collects all the "revert" gas, which is usually wasted during Dry Ice production and converts it back to liquid CO2 to be returned to the Pelletizer PE80.

This can effectively halve the cost of Dry Ice!

Normally Dry Ice is produced by bringing liquid CO2 up to atmospheric pressure whereby approximately half turns into solid 'snow' which is typically compressed to Ice, and the other half (called 'revert' gas) is simply vented to the atmosphere. But, by using the revolutionary new RE80 Recovery Unit, all of the revert gas is collected, chilled and compressed to liquid CO2 and sent back to the PE80 Pelletizer to produce more Dry Ice pellets.

This patented development, at low capital cost, greatly exceeds the efficiency of even the very largest, big capital, recovery plants using older technology.


  • the energy cost is halved compared to traditional methods
  • The liquid CO2 storage vessel can be smaller, or deliveries can be made even less frequently since a system with recovery will use approximately half the quantity of liquid CO2 than would a pelletizer alone.
  • Using the RE80 Recovery Unit will reduce production costs by approximately 50% and rapidly increase operating margins and profits. In this way, it makes 'Dry Ice on tap' affordable for even the more modest volume user.
  • The reduction in ongoing costs is so powerful that multisystem installation is profitable for larger Dry Ice volume requirements since the capital cost is rapidly paid back out of revenue cost savings.
  • The small-size unit is simple to install, requiring only the connection of three hoses, a simple air conditioner-style cooling unit, and three-phase power.
  • It is operator friendly, activated by one simple switch and easy to maintain.

Ask us for an illustration of the economic benefits in your circumstances.

  • Power supply: 3x380-415V/50Hz
  • Other voltages/Hz on request
  • Power consumption: 24Kw
  • Max. current: 41 Amps
  • Operation current: 28 Amps
  • Required start-up Amps should be calculated as 5 to 6 times Amp usage.
  • Power connection: 63A 6h/3P+N+E CEE (No neutral phase)
  • Dimensions (WxDxH): 1111x1911x1567 mm
  • Weight: 1024 Kg
  • Max ambient temperature: 40°C
  • Airflow: 8500m³/h
  • Total heat rejection: 18kW
  • Protection against recycling discharge air required
  • Protection against direct sun, rain, and snow
  • Protection against dust, dirt, and impurities
  • LCO2 to dry ice conversion with recovery unit: 1,2:1 (use insulated cover on dry ice box)
  • Oil type: Castrol Cygnus PAO 68
  • CO2 monitor

Cooling system:

  • Bitzer LH104/4TCS8.2Y
  • Refrigerant type R404A
  • Refrigerant charge approx. 10 kg
  • High and low-pressure protection
  • Fan speed control (1 fan)
  • Refrigerant safety valve


We are serving a wide range of industries, which all benefit from the environmental and non-abrasive cleaning with DRY ICE.

  • Aerospace
  • Automotive
  • Contract Cleaning
  • Electrical
  • Fire Restoration
  • Food and Beverage
  • Foundry
  • General Maintenance
  • Historical Restoration
  • Medical Device Manufacturing
  • Mold Remediation
  • Packaging
  • Plastics
  • Power Generation
  • Printing
  • Rubber
  • Weld Line Cleaning
  • Wood