Automatic through-feed machine for surface preparation on bars and tubes


Automatic through feed machine is used for surface preparation of bars and tubes. It is an injection type blasting system, for gentle and precise surface preparation process.

The machine is engineered with an automatic loading system, so it is installed directly in the production line. All parameters and processes are controlled via PLC control and can be changed on the touchscreen panel on the control box. The machine is designed to work without an operator presence for high productivity. All interior is anti-abrasive protected and easy to maintain. Media recycling system allows having repeatable surface effect, perfect operation mix for blasting and low consumption of media.


  • completely automized line (no operator presence)
  • very high production capability
  • heavy-duty design and protection for industrial use
  • PLC Touchscreen process control
  • easy to maintain and operate


  • no operator presence needed when dry blasting process is on
  • 100% Repeatable process
  • high efficiency
  • low media consumption
  • perfect surface preparation process



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