Automated Dry Ice loading for robotised cleaning


  • Completely automatic system for cleaning with Dry Ice
  • Unique adjustable vertical loader (could be also used with other abrasive media for other blasting solutions)
  • Dry Ice silo
  • Automatic dosing unit,with built-in dispensing screw conveyor for dosing and Dry Ice quality loss prevention
  • Automatic blaster filling enables constant and precise Dry Ice pellets flow   


  • savings in electricity and in liquid CO2
  • comparing the electrical consumption, our solution is 45% more efficient than having peletizer on-site
  • 30 % lower costs with liquid CO2 than with buying Dry Ice 
  • the initial investment in the equipment, installation, space, and personnel is lower due to our system.



A client was looking for an automated Dry Ice solution for cleaning of oil and grease of already assembled robots. The demand was a completely automated system, which enables full control over the whole process. We have developed a completely automatic system from delivery of cold boxes onward, with some unique features, such as adjustable chain loader with capacity up to 150 kg, Dry Ice silo, which is also automatic dosing unit and automatic blaster filing, which is controlled through electric control box.

Client decided to buy pellets of Dry Ice on the market and not to use our peletizer PE80 to produce Dry Ice on the location itself. Because of client demand, we at FerroČrtalič, have developed a Dry Ice silo with capacity up to 150 kg and unique adjustable vertical loader for filling the silo with Dry Ice. The main advantage of the vertical loader is its ability to adjust to the different size of cold boxes. In this way, our client is not limited to only one size but is able to use different sizes of cold boxes.

Furthermore, we are able to use the adjustable vertical loader for different blasting mediums, and not only Dry Ice. Another advantage of the delivered system is complete automation of the cleaning process, from delivery of cold boxes onward the process is fully automatic.

We have developed automatic blaster filling, which is controlled by an electric control box and enables a constant and precise flow of Dry Ice to the blaster BL60. One important aspect of our development was to ensure the protection of Dry Ice from external factors, such as air moisture and temperature. We made it possible with the use of special insulating materials in problem areas, such as Dry Ice silo. With this in mind, we added to the system dispensing screw conveyor, which has two functions, first dosing of Dry Ice and the second function is constant mixing of the Dry Ice so that it can’t freeze due to condensed moisture from the air. With the above solutions, we managed to prevent loss of Dry Ice quality. This is important because Dry Ice is extremely unstable and reacts quickly to climate changes, such as increased air moisture, temperature differences.