Powder Enamel 
application lines

Enamel powder is the most abrasive material. As a leader in the field of Abrasive blasting, we also know how to deal with abrasives. In order to provide a complete solution to our customers, we offer complete powder enamelling lines with booths, filter units, enamel recovery stations and robotic applications – all in one.

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Our aim is the complete production of enamel solutions and enamelling lines.

The future is in integrated modern robotic solutions 
for complete enamelling process.

What is Powder Enamel application?

We are proud to have the experience and knowledge, gained through many years of hard work, which allows us to present you with completely integrated modern robotic enamelling solutions, which are based on our own expertise and the highest level of the latest technological equipment which we apply together with our partners (GEMA; NORDSON). 

As these kinds of projects are mainly client-specific, please contact our commercial team for more detailed information.

In order to provide complete solution to our customers, we also produce powder enameling booths and robotic applications.

Enamelling as process is divided in two segments:

  • Wet enamelling
  • Spraying
  • Flooding
  • Dipping
  • Powder enamelling
  • Electrostatic application system

In this segment, we restrict only on the powder enameling application (coating) process.

Powder Enamel lines Advantages

Powder Enamel lines Advantages

Let us point out a few advantages of powder enamelling compared to wet enamel application:

  • less space needed for installations
  • 100% enamel recycling
  • automatized/robotized applications
  • applied thickness control
  • no need for drying (1 process less)
  • lower operation and maintenance cost
  • less manpower  (1 person) and no enamel preparation – this system can also be operated with only one person/one operator
  • homogenous application - constant quality

We use it for:

We integrate modern robotic solutions into our installations. This means that as far as robotic applications go, we took the powder application to the highest level in terms of speed, control, quality, efficiency.