We are specialized in providing a complete solution i.e. complete engineering from an idea, testing, research, application development, production to assembly, training/education and after-sales activities. 

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Increase your plant productivity, flexibility and efficiency and reduce your overall production costs with FerroECOBlast Europe robotic & automated surface treatment solutions.

5 Steps to complete Solutions

1. Idea and Testing

Good allocation of human resources and synergy in teamwork (sales and technical department) is the key to creative ideas and the ability to implement them.

Various types of blasting cabinets that we have at our disposal are used for test purposes to find the best possible combination of blasting procedures, the right choice of equipment and accessories for our customers.

2. Research and Development

We are fully dedicated to constant research and development of surface treatment technologies, in close cooperation with many renowned universities and institutes worldwide.

In addition to modern production, our own in-house laboratory for research and control of surface treatment processes guarantees 100% quality of treated surfaces. Our own laboratory provides saving time and money for our customer when designing his equipment

3. Production and Assembly

Our production is up to date, assembled by robotised equipment and robot cells, which are also more and more implemented in the surface treatment projects for our customers.
All manufactured parts are put together in a serial assembly line. This includes the assembling of housings, implementation and testing of electrical, mechanical and pneumatic components as well as the final validation of the product in our own laboratory.

4. Installation and Training

For our customers worldwide, we provide supervision of installation and training performed by our highly skilled engineering team.
This way, the machines are incorporated into the customer's production process with a precise high quality of the final assembly enabling smooth commissioning and start-up.

5. Aftersales and Activities

Be assured that we stand behind our equipment at all times. We are taking our service and support efforts to the same high standards that are set for our products.
FerroECOBlast Europe provides ongoing service and support for your surface treatment equipment throughout its life cycle and beyond. Our objective is to maintain a long term relationship and become a trustworthy partner in the event of required support for different reasons in order to solve a problem or other issues and on more complicated projects we always use Internet connection with our installations worldwide, with the view to reduce deadlock time on minimum.

On-Key Solutions

Our company is a helpful firm for our clients in their strategic management section by providing the On-Key Solutions, which are solutions that only need a turn on a switch and our client can start their work using our solution.

We are mostly developing a specific type of solutions for each of our clients. Trying to reach their expectations in their time management, quality and quantity are crucial for us. As we look at high performance every time manufacturing.

We have our line of standard products that are also a part of On-Key Solutions as they can start their job as soon as they are applied.

Our speciality is manufacturing the robotic and automated solutions that are easily used as machines on a product line or separately for its own purpose.

Custom Product Solutions

By constant research and development, we shape the surface treatment industry

The company was established in 1964 as a private workshop but has through the years developed into a well-known global company.  Today  FerroČrtalič is one of the leading manufacturers of surface treatment systems worldwide and our name is based on 55 years of know-how, a  tradition of innovation and excellence.

We are a problem solver

Our approach to guidance is to advise and suggest the most suitable equipment for our customers; thereby we help them to always remain one step ahead of their competition. We successfully achieve that with constant improvement and upgrading of knowledge and the use of the most modern technologies in our processes. The company FerroČrtalič specialises in engineering complete custom made solutions for unique and the most demanding challenges in the surface treatment industry. Our primary goal is to help our partners all over the world to solve problems regarding surface treatment and to improve the growth of their companies.

We are dedicated to a superior customer experience

Our satisfied customers are particularly appreciative of the fact that each project is designed and made to suit their special needs and is applicable in their unique processes. Superior added value distinguishes  FerroECOBlast Europe solutions from a competition on the market. We always strive to go beyond written minimal conditions since we are aware that in the eyes of our customers only excellence is equipment. We are committed to overcome the expectations of our customers, our concern is long-term satisfaction with us and our products.

Manual, Automated & Robotic Solutions

With FerroECOBlast Europe manual, automated & robotic surface treatment solutions, you can increase your plant productivity, flexibility and efficiency and reduce your overall production costs. All our automatic Sand/Shot Blasting machines are completely engineered, designed and custom in our company, for customer’s specific surface treatment requirements.
We made hundreds of high performance, efficient, cost-effective applications of semi-automatic, fully automatic and robotic sand blasting machines throughout Europe and the rest of the world. Basic automation of sandblasting cabinets is made of various linear units and turntables, which are usually controlled with a PLC and operated with a touch screen. Also, manipulation and handling of workpieces can be automated with conveyors or robotic arms.
The highest level of automation in sandblasting is made with industrial robots, which can perform repetitive, heavy, dirty, and dangerous tasks in hazardous environments and increase productivity and efficiency with robotic sandblasting.

Custom, custom robotic and automated solutions for complete ecological surface treatment installations are a guarantee for the optimum surface treatment quality with the highest level of economic feasibility.

Particularly in regards to large-volume manufacturing, it is essential that manual work is automated as much as possible, as well as the disposal of automated all surface treatment processes as follows:

  • Sand Blasting
  • Dry Ice Cleaning
  • Shot Peening
  • Soda Blasting
  • Ultra High-Pressure Cleaning