History & Milestones

The company FerroČrtalič has been established in 1964 as a small workshop. In the following years it has developed into a strong family company, well known in the European and world business.

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A Family tradition - tradition of innovations and excellence since 1964.

The company FerroČrtalič has been established by Mr. Jože Črtalič in 1964 as a small workshop. In the following years, it has developed into a strong family company, well known in the European and world business. The second generation, Mr. Bojan Črtalič, finished his studies in 1975 and begun with the development and production of the Sand Blasting and Shot Peening equipment, which became the main line of production. A few years later his wife Slavojka joined the company and helped run the family business.

Today the company is successfully managed by the third generation, daughters Mojca Črtalič and Anja Črtalič.
Son Jernej owns his own company BlastTehnik, which works on the field of surface treatment technologies and is closely connected to the company FerroČrtalič.

This is how FerroČrtalič d.o.o. became a typical European family company.

Significant Milestones in our History


Company Črtalič was established as a private "garage workshop by Mr. Jože Črtalič.


Mr. Bojan Črtalič takes over active management of the company.


The first patent for a special air valve for blasting machine.


Company FerroČrtalič d.o.o. was established by Mr. Bojan Črtalič.


Company headquarters and production moved to a new location on Sela, Dolenjske Toplice.


Acquisition of ISO 9001 certificate.


Silver medal for filter-recycling unit CENTRO 2/2 ECO on International Salon of Inventions in Geneva, Switzerland.

Golden medal on INPEX XVI - America´s largest invention show in Pittsburgh, where we introduced AIR BAG sealing system.

Silver medal on INPEX, USA, for very effective and simple mix-chamber for sand with flow adjuster and patented cascade system.

Silver medal in Geneva, Switzerland for mix-chamber for sand with flow adjuster.


Registered trademark FerroECOBlast Europe.


Shot Peening certificated training (level 1) for our technical department.

2003 - 2004

The company was placed in the group of fast-growing Slovenian companies


Jernej Črtalič (Bojan’s son) establishes his own company Blast Tehnik, Surface Treatment service.


Established our subsidiary FerroČrtalič Belgrade, Serbia. 


Established FerroEcoBlast RRC, Research, and Development Center.


Our company was awarded with the recognition of the German Ministry of Economics and Technology for the best International project CleanER in the field of
new technologies for surface preparation.

Mojca Črtalič Andolšekwas named as a new General Manager of the company.

Silver award for an innovative solution- Robotized blasting line CLP type ZINK - 2 ROBO 4 ECO (The Chamber of Commerce of Dolenjska and Bela krajina).

Signed long-term cooperation with National Institute of Chemistry and EN FIST - Centre of Excellence in the field of research and development of special materials in the process of surface treatment.

2013 - 2017 

Certified training for Shot Peening (level 1 - 3) for our team organized by Electronics Inc.(EI Shot Peening Training) and MFN, both Nadcap Partners in Education.


New advanced Shot Peening cell was built for testing and training. 

Extension of our capabilities for additional 1200 m2 with modern production hall.


Developed and manufactured one of the most advanced Shot Peening cells for the aviation industry in the world.

Successfully transitioned from ISO 9001 - 2008 to ISO 9001 - 2015 version.

In the process for NADCAP certification.

First UL-certified machine for US market.

Extension of our warehouse to match the size of our today's business facility.


Registered new trademark Addiblast for 3D Post processing/depowdering solutions and equipment.